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Unleashing scientific creativity

Harnessing the power of discovery to tackle cancer's most complex challenges.

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Driving progress through unprecedented collaboration

Cancer Grand Challenges is a global funding initiative founded by Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Institute. We set ambitious challenges, providing diverse, global teams with £20m to come together, think differently, with the aim to make the progress against cancer the world urgently needs.

Collaboration and community

Hear from members of our Cancer Grand Challenges community and how they're daring to think differently to drive progress against tough challenges

OPTIMISTICC's Wendy Garrett
OPTIMISTICC's Wendy Garrett

Two years in: collaborating to advance our understanding of the microbiome

New thinking on the process of ageing | Cancer Research
New thinking on the process of ageing

New findings challenge the current theory of ageing and age-related illnesses

The 2021 shortlist in numbers
The 2021 shortlist in numbers

A growing global community daring to think differently

The scientific committee
The scientific committee

Committee members take a break from reviewing applications to discuss the power of uniting across geography and discipline