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Meet the new Cancer Grand Challenges teams

Empowering the global cancer research community to come together, think differently and solve cancer’s toughest challenges.

Meet the diverse, global teams coming together and thinking differently to drive progress against cancer.

We’re delighted to welcome these teams to our growing global community – now at 700+ investigators across 10 countries and taking on 10 of the toughest challenges in cancer research.

Congratulations PROMINENT

Team Prominet
Meet the team transforming our understanding of the very early stages of tumour development.

Congratulations CANCAN

Team Cancan
Meet the team with a mission to take action against cachexia.

Congratulations eDyNAmiC

eDyNAmiC team lead
Meet the team developing new ways to treat some of the most challenging forms of cancer.

Congratulations NexTGen

Nextgen team
Meet the team developing novel therapies to target solid tumours in children.

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