AACR Cancer Discovery: Cancer Grand Challenges to fund broad, pressing research

19 November 2020
AACR Cancer Discovery news story - Rene Bernards

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“There’s a lot of potential to unlock, and Cancer Grand Challenges could be the key.” - Professor René Bernards

A recent piece in AACR Cancer Discovery's News in Brief shines light on 3 of the Cancer Grand Challenges currently open for application, featuring short interviews with members of our scientific committee. Highlighting the importance of innovation, Professor Sir David Lane describes a new, conceivable way to treat cancer if we could solve the barrier of macromolecule delivery, while Professor René Bernards discusses the potential to be unlocked with more effective study of senescence.

Meanwhile, Professor David Hunter describes his hope that the e-cigarettes challenge will empower international researchers to delve deeper into our understanding of the devices, and the importance of independent, conflict-free research.

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