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Patient Advocacy

Putting patients at the heart of our work

It’s imperative that the work we do translates into tangible impact for people affected by cancer across the globe. To enable this input, we have established the Cancer Grand Challenges Advocacy Panel, chaired by Margaret Grayson MBE. The panel is instrumental in helping develop how we embed advocacy within the initiative. 

Patient advocates are a key group in the Cancer Grand Challenges community. In addition to our Advocacy Panel, patient advocates are important members of the teams we’ve funded to take on cancer’s toughest challenges. There are currently over 40 patient advocates across our funded teams.

The Advocacy Panel informed the decision to not only embed patient advocates into each of our funded teams, but also into the teams who apply to tackle the challenges we set.

Our patient advocates provide feedback on the approaches proposed to involvement and engagement with patients and the public more broadly. 

What is patient and public involvement and engagement?

Involvement enables patient advocates to have a voice that is listened to and reflected in the scientific strategy, helping to ensure that all research, whether basic or translational, remains focused on patient benefit. Engagement guarantees that information and knowledge about research is shared by researchers or patient advocates with other patient advocates and the public who are not associated with their research programme. 

See members of our Patient Advocacy Panel below. 

For more information, please get in touch at [email protected] 


Margaret Grayson MBE
Claire James
Patrick McGuire
Gita Patel
Anjee Davis
Ivana Cattaneo
Christine Wu
Chris Stewart
Joya D Harris
Yelak Biru
Dirk Hellrung
Anya Shah

Patient Advocacy News

I’m excited and privileged to be a member of the Cancer Grand Challenges Advocacy Panel, which gives me the opportunity to help shape cancer research and to have a voice in the science strategy.