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Patient Advocacy

Uniting to deliver greater impact

Putting patients at the heart of our work.

It’s imperative that the work we do translates into tangible impact for people affected by cancer across the globe. 

Patient advocacy plays a vital role in Cancer Grand Challenges. From helping to shape challenges, to working closely with teams, the voice, experience and insight of people affected by cancer is central to our work.

To help provide this input, Cancer Research UK has established the Cancer Grand Challenges Advocacy Panel who are instrumental in helping to develop our approach to patient advocacy within the initiative. Each member of the panel brings a unique perspective.

All funded teams also involve patient advocates who help to inform the research approach and co-design and deliver their involvement and engagement plan.

Get involved

Would you like to join us as a patient advocate within the Cancer Grand Challenges IMAXT team? The hub of the team is based at the University of Cambridge but there are remote opportunities available.

They are a diverse team ranging from biologists to chemists, to astronomers and games designers. The programme aims to produce a 3D reconstruction of a tumour that can be studied in virtual reality. We hope this detailed picture could help scientists and doctors better understand and treat cancer.

We are looking for advocates who are enthusiastic about cancer research and wish to play a pivotal role in contributing your experiences and ideas.

View the role profile.

If you are interested, please fill in our short application form. 

Margaret Grayson MBE
Jeremy Dearling
Jim Elliot
Claire Flatt
Danielle Horton-Taylor
Claire James
Terry Kavanagh
Debby Lennard
Sarah Mayman
Patrick McGuire
Gita Patel
Richard Stephens