Funding policy documents

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All investigators and institutions participating in Cancer Grand Challenges will be required to sign up to the terms of the Cancer Grand Challenges Award Agreement.

In addition, the Award Agreement incorporates all terms outlined in the Award Management and Funding Policy Guide, Commercialisation Policy, Cancer Research UK Allowable Costs Guidance and National Cancer Institute Other Transaction Award Policy Guide.

Each funded team will also be subject to specific terms detailed in their Notice of Award and Grant Award Letter. All contractual documents will be updated as required with the current versions of the general documentation posted here for reference.

Key documents

Cancer Grand Challenges Award Agreement:

This is the lead contracting document to be signed by all parties within a team

Award Management & Funding Policy Guide

This document is a guide to the management of Cancer Grand Challenges awards starting in 2022 and beyond.

Commercialisation Policy

This document outlines the commercialisation process entered into by all parties

Cancer Research UK Allowable Costs Guidance

This document provides terms relevant only to the Cancer Research UK portion of funding

Cancer Grand Challenges & National Cancer Institute Other Transaction Award Policy Guide

NCI will issue Cancer Grand Challenges awards to Institutions using the NIH Other Transaction (OT) Authority, granted under Section 402(n) of the Public Health Service Act. This document outlines terms specific to this.