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29 July 2021
IMAXT’s Nic Walton: uniting across disciplines to share learnings in data science
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On the surface, astronomy has little overlap with bioinformatics, mutational analysis and other areas of cancer biology. But, as described by IMAXT’s Nic Walton, an astronomer based at the University of Cambridge, there’s much to learn…


22 July 2021
Sir Mike Stratton, based at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge, UK, leads the Cancer Grand Challenges Mutographs team. Mutographs unites…
13 July 2021
Earlier this year, COSMIC - the world's largest and most comprehensive resource for exploring somatic mutations in cancer - celebrated the curation…
30 June 2021
Johanna Joyce is co-investigator of the Cancer Grand Challenges IMAXT team, based in Lausanne, Switzerland.   We caught up with Johanna to learn how…
21 June 2021
Nearly 170 diverse, global teams submitted bold ideas outlining how they would solve some of cancer’s toughest challenges. Today, we reveal the 11…

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Research from the Cancer Grand Challenges Rosetta team has identified a potential metabolic weakness in cancer that could be amenable to treatment.   The findings, published in Cell, focused on exploring whether the…
29 October 2020
Up to 45% of bowel cancers carry a fault in the KRAS gene, detrimentally affecting how a patient will respond to treatment. New results from the OPTIMISTICC team suggest these poor outcomes may be due to the way faulty…
20 October 2020
Some carcinogens can cause cancer without directly damaging DNA: a new study from the Cancer Grand Challenges Mutographs team challenges a long-held view on the early development of a tumour. For years, research has…
13 October 2020
The Cancer Grand Challenges Scientific Committee is pleased to welcome two new members: Professor Jill P Mesirov (University of California San Diego School of Medicine) and Professor Barbara K Rimer (University of North…
11 October 2020