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Scientific creativity on a global scale

Harnessing the power of discovery to tackle cancer’s most complex challenges.

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Driving progress through unprecedented collaboration

Cancer Grand Challenges is a global funding platform founded by Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Institute. We set ambitious challenges to inspire new thinking, providing diverse, global teams with up to £20m (c. $25m) over 5 years to unleash their scientific creativity.

Our current funding round is now closed.

Our scientific committee unites some of the world’s most eminent scientists. Working with the global research community and people affected by cancer, they identify complex problems standing in the way of progress – and then challenge the brightest scientists to come together, think differently and find bold new solutions.

David Lane

Many problems in cancer lie just beyond our grasp. Radical thinking and scientific collaboration on a greater scale will transform our understanding and usher in a new era of possibility.

Sir David Lane
Chair of Cancer Grand Challenges Scientific Committee

Sparking scientific creativity

Explore our challenges with the power to drive radical progress in cancer research. 

Please note, funding for these challenges is now closed.

Daring to think differently

Introducing the global, multidisciplinary teams who are already harnessing the power of discovery to transform our understanding of cancer.