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Cancer Grand Challenges, a funding initiative co-founded by Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), brings together a community of world-class researchers to make the progress against cancer we urgently need.  

New Scientist - 13 Dec, 2023

Most people with cancer are over 50, but the past few decades have seen a rise in diagnoses for younger people. This year, the US National Cancer Institute and Cancer Research UK made finding out why one of their top priorities.

Metro - 31 Oct, 2023

Thousands of women diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer could avoid unnecessary surgery and radiotherapy thanks to a groundbreaking new study helping to identify high-risk cases.

The Lancet Oncology - 28 Sept, 2023

Cancer Research UK has agreed a major new €10m (£8.6m) partnership with France’s Institut National Du Cancer to help fund world-class researchers to take on cancer’s toughest challenges through the global Cancer Grand Challenges initiative.  

New Scientist - 29 Mar, 2023

The number of people under 50 with cancer is increasing in many countries and for many different tumour types. Why this is occurring isn't entirely clear, but it may be due to some aspects of modern life.

The Observer - 18 Feb, 2023

Scientists have pinpointed pieces of DNA which act like Bond villains in the way they help cancers spread. They have also been shown to help tumours gain resistance to anti-cancer drugs.

ITV News - 29 Dec, 2022

Using virtual reality, the team at Cambridge University's IMAXT Laboratory are offering scientists the chance to "step inside" tumours.

Mashable - 7 Dec, 2022

A revolutionary VR map is changing how we look at tumours. Professor and director at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute Greg Hannon, has incorporated 3D imaging and VR technology to allow us to "step inside" a tumour.

Washington Post - 5 Aug, 2022

Scientists are exploring novel strategies to treat childhood cancers. These include manipulating immune system cells, proteins and other molecules to design targeted therapies they believe will be more precise and less toxic than conventional chemotherapy.

Forbes - 16 Jun, 2022

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health, announced on Thursday that four international research teams had been selected to receive a total of $100m as part of the Cancer Grand Challenges program. Each team will receive $25 million over five years as it tackles one of cancer’s biggest challenges.

FT - 16 Jun, 2022

Cancer Research UK will eventually spend £295m with National Cancer Institute on projects to understand and prevent tumour growth.

The Observer - 24 Oct, 2021

Scientists will have to rethink how environmental triggers allow tumours to form and develop.

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