(Systemic delivery of macromolecules to intracellular targets for therapeutic benefit in cancer)


The Challenge


Exploring novel approaches to deliver macromolecule drugs to intracellular targets 

Team Lead

Terry Rabbitts the Institute of Cancer Research, UK

Countries involved

UK, Canada, Switzerland

The Idea

Overcoming the macromolecules challenge would make a vast array of proteins involved in cancer newly druggable. Hoping to tackle this is the Magic team – employing protein engineering to boost the potency of intracellular macromolecule drugs and exploring the potential of viruses and novel nanoparticles to aid their delivery. The team also plans to investigate whether these drugs could be engineered to deliver themselves after being administered, without a carrier, via cell surface-targeting or toxin-like mechanisms to cross the cell membrane.

This world-renowned group of technology-focused investigators spans a range of expertise, from cell biology and virology to chemistry and materials engineering. Ultimately, Magic hopes to improve outcomes for people with cancer, and even other human diseases, by opening a new range of macromolecule drugging options.

The macromolecules challenge is of such magnitude that we can only work towards it by bringing together renowned experts with an array of skills, ideas and approaches.