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Through Cancer Grand Challenges, Cancer Research UK is building a global network of funders and partners who share our ambitions to make radical progress against cancer. 

Together, we can galvanise the world’s scientific community – freeing them from constraints to inspire their scientific creativity.

We proudly recognise and honour the individuals and organisations whose generosity demonstrates a steadfast commitment to our mission.

Our partners

We would like to express our gratitude to our global network of partners who share our ambitions to make radical progress against cancer's toughest challenges.
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The Spanish Association Against Cancer

The Spanish Association Against Cancer (Fundación Científica de la Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer) has been the reference entity in the fight against cancer for 69 years. It dedicates its efforts to showing the reality of cancer in Spain, detecting areas for improvement and launching a process of social transformation that allows them to be corrected in order to eliminate inequities in Spain. Being by the side of people is in its DNA, so its work is also aimed at helping prevent cancer; be with them and their families throughout the disease process from diagnosis to the survivor stage and improve their future by promoting cancer research. In this sense, through its Scientific Foundation, the Association brings together the social demand for cancer research, financing quality scientific cancer research programs through public competition. Today, it is the social and private entity that allocates the most funds to cancer research with over 92 million euros in 525 projects, with over 1,000 researchers engaged.

The Association integrates patients, relatives, volunteers and professionals who work together to prevent, raise awareness, accompany affected people and finance cancer research projects that will allow better diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Structured in 52 Provincial Headquarters, and present in more than 2,000 Spanish towns, it has over 30,000 volunteers, almost 600,000 members and 1,160 professionals.

During 2021, the Spanish Association Against Cancer has provided free services for 136,000 people affected by cancer.


Ramo´n Reyes

The French National Cancer Institute

The French National Cancer Institute (INCa) was established under the French Public Health Act of August 9, 2004, as the State health and science agency specialised in cancer control. It includes State representatives, charities, health insurance funds, hospital federations and research organizations and operates under the dual auspices of the French Ministry of Health and Solidarities and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. 

It provides an integrated approach encompassing all cancer-control aspects (health, scientific, social and economic) and intervention areas (prevention, screening, care, research) to benefit patients and their relatives. To catalyse progress, INCa acts as an interface with patients, their friends and families, the healthcare system users, the general public, healthcare professionals, researchers, experts and decision-makers. The Institute ensures the implementation of the ten-year cancer control strategy 2021-2030.



Professor Norbert Ifrah, President, INCa

The French National Cancer Institute is proud to be a partner of the Cancer Grand Challenges. It is only together, thanks to the funding of excellent research, that we will meet the challenges against cancer.

Professor Norbert Ifrah, President, INCa

KiKa (Children Cancer Free Foundation)

Founded over 22 years ago in the Netherlands, KiKa is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for research and other activities in the field of childhood cancer, aimed at less pain, more cures, and a better quality of life. Furthermore, KiKa focuses on education about childhood cancer. Their mission is to ensure every child is free of cancer. KiKa collaborates with (global) partners, donors and volunteers in order to make a lasting impact in the fight against childhood cancer.

Jakolien van Eijk

We're thrilled about our partnership with Cancer Grand Challenges. Collaborating with researchers worldwide is essential to address urgent questions in cancer research. In unity, we find strength and believe that together, we can achieve lasting impact. After all, as the saying goes, 'If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

KWF Dutch Cancer Society

Cancer Grand Challenges PRECISION team, led by Professor Jelle Wesseling, is jointly funded by Cancer Research UK and the Dutch Cancer Society. 

For more than 70 years, the Dutch Cancer Society has been committed to supporting innovative research and policy work to bring about an end to cancer. This nationwide organisation receives no government funding. Instead, it relies on its 1m donors and 100,000 volunteers and joins forces with international stakeholders to achieve its aim – a better life, with and without cancer. 

The Dutch Cancer Society’s partnership is supporting the work of PRECISION – an expert team of pathologists, oncologists, biologists and geneticists from the Netherlands, the UK and the US. The team is investigating ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), a condition that can sometimes develop into breast cancer. By developing new ways to distinguish whether a woman’s DCIS will or won’t develop into breast cancer, the team hopes to spare thousands of people from undergoing unnecessary treatment. 



We were inspired by the ambition to bring together the best minds to find solutions to the most urgent questions in cancer research.

Fred Falkenburg, Director of KWF Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)

Mark Foundation for Cancer Research

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research supports three outstanding Cancer Grand Challenges teams.

The Mark Foundation first teamed up with Cancer Research UK in 2019 to jointly fund the SPECIFICANCER team. This world-class team from the US, the UK, and the Netherlands is led by Professor Steven Elledge. In June 2022, The Mark Foundation partnered with Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Institute to support the NexTGen team, led by Professor Catherine Bollard and Dr. Martin Pule. In 2024, The Mark Foundation partnered with Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Institute to support the MATCHMAKERS team, led by Dr. Michael Birnbaum. The multi-million-pound gifts from this New York-based philanthropic group are its largest commitment to a UK organisation to date.

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research actively partners with scientists, research institutions, and philanthropic organisations around the world to accelerate research that will transform the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Founded in 2017, The Mark Foundation recently received an additional $500 million commitment to continue funding innovative basic, translational, and clinical cancer research, including drug discovery. The Mark Foundation also has a robust and growing portfolio of investments in oncology companies developing novel therapeutics and diagnostics.

"The ambition, scale of funding, and rigorous selection process for these projects offered The Mark Foundation an ideal opportunity to support the acceleration of critical cancer research."

Ryan Schoenfeld, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research

Raymond Du Bois and Ryan Schoenfield

We’re proud to support these remarkable Cancer Grand Challenges global teams in their efforts to solve extremely complex challenges facing cancer patients.

Raymond N. DuBois, MD, PhD, Executive Chairman of The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research


Our donors

We would also like to give a special thanks to Cancer Research UK's donors


  • The Kamini and Vindi Banga Family Trust

  • The Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK

  • Nick and Annette Razey

  • Bjorn and Inger Saven

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