The Challenge


A systemic view of cachexia to address critical gaps in our understanding and build the pillars of a new era in cachexia research. 

Team Lead

Vickie Baracos University of Alberta, Canada

Countries involved

Canada, UK, US, Spain, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Japan

The Idea

The deeper we look, the more complex cachexia turns out to be, with widespread perturbations to a range of organs across the body. 

The NoMoreCACHEXIA team draws together a unique set of skills and perspectives – across cachexia, neuroscience, cardiology, metabolism, patient experience, and more – to tackle these intersecting perturbations. The team plans to focus their efforts on 3 key themes: cachexia’s mechanisms of action, refining its clinical classification and the development of interventional clinical trials, to address critical gaps in our understanding of the debilitating syndrome.

Uniting a diverse collection of expertise, experience and perspectives, this truly global team is dedicated to a future when there will be NoMoreCACHEXIA.

Cachexia is dauntingly complex. The funding call provoked us to conceptualize beyond our conventional horizons and learn from each other to embrace this complexity.