(Uncovering and pharmacological targeting of the mechanisms regulating cancer cell plasticity)

CHALLENGE: Cancer cell plasticity

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Team PLASTICITY-Tx aims to construct a catalogue of cell states to uncover the mechanisms that drive cancer cell plasticity and reveal new therapeutic approaches against cancer. 

Team Lead
Cédric Blanpain (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Belgium, Austria, France, Spain, Israel, US, UK

The idea

PLASTICITY-Tx hopes to uncover the mechanisms that drive cancer cell plasticity and leverage this information to devise pharmacological interventions that can interfere with these processes.  

The team hopes to integrate transcriptional, epigenetic and spatial single-cell analysis techniques to construct comprehensive catalogues encompassing the various cancer cell states and those in associated stromal cells. The team would utilise a variety of models to track cell state transitions and uncover the cell-intrinsic genetic determinants and microenvironmental regulators that influence cancer cell plasticity.  

The team will bring together researchers with specialised knowledge in stem cells and cancer, as well as renowned experts from diverse fields including chemical biology, functional genomics, biophysics and medical oncology. Through the synergistic integration of these distinct areas of expertise, the team hopes to foster the creation of cutting-edge solutions and pioneer novel therapeutic approaches centred around targeting plasticity. 

“Our team brings together distinguished scientists encompassing stem cell and cancer biology, functional genomics, biophysics, bioinformatics, chemical biology, and medical oncology. Collaboratively, we aim to harness our diverse expertise to elucidate the intricate mechanisms governing tumour plasticity and ultimately develop new pharmacological interventions targeting tumour plasticity.”