Future Leaders Programme

Cancer Grand Challenges Frontiers in Cancer Research Seminar Series

We are pleased to invite you to the new virtual Cancer Grand Challenges Frontiers in Cancer Research Seminar Series. This Future Leaders Programme initiative is for Cancer Grand Challenges’ PhD Students, Postdocs and research staff. 

The dates of this inaugural seminar series are 3 May, 7 June, 12 July and 2 August 2023 at 8AM PT/ 11AM ET/ 4PM BST/ 5PM CEST, depending on your time zone. 

See speakers and talk titles below. Register your place.

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Schedule of seminars and speakers

IMAXT - 3 May 2023

Investigating the early metastatic microenvironment using in situ proteomics

Marta Paez-Ribes, PhD
Claire Mulvey, PhD

University of Cambridge

Rosetta - 7 June 2023

Spatial Metabolomics identifies Vitamin B5 supply as a vulnerability in Myc driven breast cancer

Peter Kreuzaler, PhD
University of Cologne

Mutographs - 12 July 2023

Unravelling the genomic landscape of cancer through mutational signatures

Marcos Diaz-Gay, PhD
University of California, San Diego

PRECISION - 2 Aug 2023

The cancer conundrum, doing more by doing less

Lot Mulder, MD
Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI)

OPTIMISTICC - 6 Sep 2023

Alina Janney, Blake Sanders
University of Oxford and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

STORMing Cancer - 4 Oct 2023

Meng-Lay Lin
Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London


Olesja Popow
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute