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Round four

Nine new challenges

$25m funding for global research teams to take on cancer's toughest challenges

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Dare to think differently

We have announced nine of cancer's toughest challenges for the global research community to take on. These are the obstacles that continue to impede progress against cancer and that no one scientist, institution, or country can solve alone.

In September 2023, we'll be announcing the teams who have been shortlisted to take on these challenges. In March 2024, we'll announce the funded teams. If you'd like to stay updated on Cancer Grand Challenges news, subscribe to our newsletter.

Round four challenges

Ageing  and cancer icon
Decipher the functional basis underlying the association between ageing somatic tissues and cancer
Cancer call plasticity icon
Understand cancer cell plasticity and its contribution to the development of pan-therapeutic resistance in cancer
Cancer inequities icon
Understand the mechanisms through which genetics, biology, and social determinants affect cancer risk and outcomes in diverse populations, to motivate interventions to reduce cancer inequities
Chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicities icon
Understand and prevent chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity and neuropathy
Early-onset cancers icon
Determine why the incidence of early-onset cancers in adults is rising globally
Obesity, physical activity and cancer  icon
Determine the mechanisms through which obesity and physical activity influence cancer risk
Retrotransposable elements icon
Understand the roles of retrotransposable elements in cancer
Solid tumours in children icon
Develop therapeutics to target oncogenic drivers of solid tumours in children
t-cell receptors
Decipher the T-cell receptor cancer-recognition code

Key dates

June 2023: Expression of Interest deadline

Complete your eligibility questionnaire by 15 June and submit your Expression of Interest by 22 June 2023.

July 2023: Scientific Committee review

All EOIs will be reviewed against the assessment criteria in the guidelines, by our Cancer Grand Challenges Scientific Committee.

September 2023: Shortlisted teams announced and seed funding issued

Up to 12 teams will be shortlisted and will receive seed funding to help them build their full applications.

October 2023: Full application deadline

Shortlisted teams will submit a 20,000 word full application by 26 October 2023.

December 2023: Applicant interviews

Shortlisted teams will attend an interview with the Cancer Grand Challenges Scientific Committee on 11-13 December 2023.

March 2024: Funded teams announced

Successful teams each receive funding to come together, think differently and take on one of cancer’s toughest challenges. See our currently funded teams.