AACR Cancer Discovery In Focus: embarking on a new era of discovery

8 December 2020
Iain Foulkes and Ned Sharpless

In a commentary article for AACR Cancer Discovery In Focus, Dr Iain Foulkes and Dr Ned Sharpless discuss the 9 Cancer Grand Challenges open for application from now until 22 April 2021.

“Making progress in these fields and attempting to solve these challenges, we believe, demands a new approach. We’re seeking to harness ideas from diverse scientific disciplines and the broadest range of experts.” 

In October, we launched 9 new Cancer Grand Challenges, each with the potential to drive radical progress against cancer. But why does each demand a fresh, new approach from the global research community? Why is now the time to build on seminal discoveries and incremental steps forward to overcome otherwise intractable barriers?  

In their In Focus commentary article, Dr Iain Foulkes and Dr Ned Sharpless articulate the bold ambition for each of the 9 challenges.  

Ned and Iain are, respectively, director of the US National Cancer Institute and executive director of research and innovation at Cancer Research UK, the founding partners of Cancer Grand Challenges. 

Read the article here. For details on how to apply, click here.