Nature Reviews Drug Discovery: addressing cancer’s grand challenges

13 November 2020
9 colour block illustrations of cells

Read the latest coverage of Cancer Grand Challenges.  

“All these ‘challenges’ are actually very interesting and highly worthy of the attention of the cancer research community,” says Robert Weinberg, of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. “I’m impressed.” 

In a recent news article in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Asher Mullard explores 5 of the Cancer Grand Challenges currently open for application, and the scientific rigour a multidisciplinary approach could bring to some of these 'persistent problems’.  

As well as Weinberg, Mullard speaks to Dr Vickie Baracos, a professor of palliative care medicine at the University of Alberta, who describes her cautious optimism about the future of cachexia research. Oncologist Dr Anton Henssen MD, Max Delbrück Center, Germany, discusses the need for a ‘reboot’ of extrachromosomal DNA research and how a better understanding of its biology is key. And Professor Sir David Lane, one our eminent scientific committee members, describes the challenge the group faces when setting the Cancer Grand Challenges.  

Image credit: L.Crow/Springer Nature Limited 

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