The virtual reality tumour map that could revolutionise cancer treatment

1 December 2022

In 2017, the IMAXT team was awarded £20 million by Cancer Grand Challenges, funded by Cancer Research UK.

Through the Cancer Grand Challenges initiative, a global team of experts from fields as diverse as medicine, molecular biology, astronomy, programming and virtual reality (VR), have come together with the aim of building the first 3D tumour visualisation tool.

Already making waves in the field, today, the team is launching VR software to visualise and analyse tumours. The digital map, with the use of a VR headset, allows the user to "go inside" a detailed, comprehensive recreation of an individual tumour.

The software, created by Suil, will be made available for researchers to use worldwide for academic non-commercial research to gain a greater understanding of the genetics of a variety of cancers and physical structure of tumours. It shows the types of cells in a tumour, how many cells there are, what they are doing and exactly where they are located as well as what’s going on in the surrounding tissue. This has huge implications for how we diagnose and treat cancer.

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Access the software for free for academic non-commercial research only under the terms of an Academic Licence at

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