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Unlocking three of cancer's toughest challenges

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Over the last seven years, our first Cancer Grand Challenges teams have been tackling three of cancer's toughest challenges: 3D tumour mapping, Lethal versus non-lethal cancers and Unusual mutation patterns. Read more about the progress they've made below. 

3D tumour mapping


There is a new revolution in cancer research – a spatial biology revolution that is destined to change how scientists capture information about tumours, and may lead to new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. Learn more about the progress IMAXT and Rosetta have made.

Lethal versus non-lethal cancers


The PRECISION team has been tackling this challenge in ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), a potential precursor of invasive breast cancer. By taking a deep dive into DCIS biology, the team has transformed the DCIS field, bringing us closer to distinguishing harmless from hazardous DCIS. Learn more about PRECISION's progress.

Unusual mutation patterns


In tackling this challenge over the past seven years, and through uniting the fields of epidemiology and cancer genomics, the Mutographs team has transformed how the field thinks about mutations and the causes of cancer. Learn more about the progress Mutographs have made.