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29 November 2021
New thinking on the process of ageing
Members of the Cancer Grand Challenges Mutographs team challenge the current theory of ageing, revealing that healthy cells can tolerate many more mutations that previously assumed. What causes us to age? A popular current model of…


23 November 2021
A generous gift from industrialist and investor Bjorn Saven has helped to launch our Future Leaders Conference.  In October, we launched our…
18 November 2021
Survival for pancreatic cancer remains intractably low, with just 9% of people surviving for 5 years beyond diagnosis. For World Pancreatic Cancer…
15 November 2021
Members of the Cancer Grand Challenges community feature in a new exhibition on cancer research from the Science Museum Group.  Cancer Revolution:…
2 November 2021
A short film from Columbia Cancer Research featuring members of our IMAXT team – co-investigators Simon Tavaré and Owen Harris, and postdoctoral…

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This year, OPTIMISTICC's @DrCindySears @HopkinsMedicine shared a new mouse model which both mimics human biology wi… Mon Dec 06 16:00:14 +0000 2021

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With our first Cancer Grand Challenges blog, we reflect on the progress of the 7 teams tackling some of cancer’s toughest challenges.  It started in 2015, with 7 audacious challenges.   Since then, we’ve supported 7…
16 November 2020
Read the latest coverage of Cancer Grand Challenges.   “All these ‘challenges’ are actually very interesting and highly worthy of the attention of the cancer research community,” says Robert Weinberg, of the Whitehead…
13 November 2020
Research from the Cancer Grand Challenges Rosetta team has identified a potential metabolic weakness in cancer that could be amenable to treatment.   The findings, published in Cell, focused on exploring whether the…
29 October 2020
Up to 45% of bowel cancers carry a fault in the KRAS gene, detrimentally affecting how a patient will respond to treatment. New results from the OPTIMISTICC team suggest these poor outcomes may be due to the way faulty…
20 October 2020
Some carcinogens can cause cancer without directly damaging DNA: a new study from the Cancer Grand Challenges Mutographs team challenges a long-held view on the early development of a tumour. For years, research has…
13 October 2020
The Cancer Grand Challenges Scientific Committee is pleased to welcome two new members: Professor Jill P Mesirov (University of California San Diego School of Medicine) and Professor Barbara K Rimer (University of North…
11 October 2020